Sinking fund pack (Physical)

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9 laminated trackers. Reusable.

Will be available and ready to ship by the 20th of January 2024. Shipping will be done immediately for all who have back-ordered.

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9 beautiful trackers.

Laminated for longevity and repeated use.

Simply use a whiteboard marker, then erase when you’ve reached your goal.

Then reuse again and again.

Each one can be customized with the amounts you aim to save in that particular category.


Trackers in this pack:

  1. Emergency fund
  2. Car fund
  3. Secure the Bag challenge
  4. Selfcare savings
  5. 15 envelope challenge
  6. Vacation savings
  7. Christmas savings
  8. 50 envelope challenge
  9. 100 envelope challenge

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1 review for Sinking fund pack (Physical)

  1. Lerato

    Thank you, I received my pack. I love it

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